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With my hands by SummaVeritas With my hands by SummaVeritas
What is this?
Well, the answer is very simple: again, Adolf and Angelika.
I visited my father and he found that Adolf Hitler figurine in the attic... Of course, I begged for it.
I did't want him to be alone, so I went to buy some polymer clay and then I created an original Angelika figurine for him :heart:

I worked 7 hours to make her and, as you can see from that Austrian 1 Euro cent, they are both very small.
(The coin is smaller than a Dime!)

Since the coin is partially covering Geli's beautiful legs, you can see them here: [link] .

Ever since I made them, looking at them makes me happy, as if they were actually closer: this result pays me back the many hours I spent making Angelika.

Have you ever created something with your own hands? Some people say we put part of our soul in the thigs we make. I'm not really sure about that (the philosopher finds it illogical!) but I am sure that our passion and love that we put in our work can sometimes be sensed by the others.
I hope you can feel it by staring at this couple.

Also, being he black while she is white reminds me of the Tao, the oriental symbol: [link]

When I was five, I met a woman with this necklace.
I asked her the meaning of the symbol and she told me it means that even in the greatest evil, there always is a little bit of good and also, even in the greatest goodness, there always is a little bit of badness.

I have a pendat like hers, it comes from Vienna/Wien.
As you can imagine, I think that symbol represents these two people too, as each one of us.
There are not absolute truths, only our own and I am my own truth as you are yours...
stosstrup Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
i like the fuhrer figure its a genuine rarity and collectors piece ,you should have some resin castings made to sell i would be interested in having one as i build and paint models it would be interesting to see completed in colour,i met the fuhrer once he smiled shook my hand and then placed his hand on my shoulder.
SummaVeritas Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, my father had it since a long time... I don't know how to make resin castings, nor do I know how to sell things online: I'm not much of a technological person...
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September 10, 2010
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